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Jessie curling hair in Glam salon

Greenville, SC Hair Salon

Unleash your Authenticity

Providing everyday people with hair styles they love

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Welcome to

by Jessie Hamby


I'm simply here to help you express your vision...

Often, the beauty industry can be a scary place. Make your experience one that’s as comfortable and as private as you choose with Glam by Jessie Hamby. Self-expression is often hindered when we feel like others are judging us.


Featuring a single salon chair and separate entrance, your exclusive Greenville salon experience begins the moment you walk through the door. This space was created to allow for each client to feel free from judgement during their time to explore their new look or most authentic self!


Create an Authentic You

A salon experience should help you highlight your best features, inside and out. Even if it’s just a trim, you should walk away feeling refreshed. Are you ready to refresh your look? Or try something completely different? Let’s get started.

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Any way You choose

How you look on the outside can have a great impact on how you feel on the inside. Let’s use my skills to help you find the truest outer version of you.


Over the past 9 years, our services have expanded to best assist our customers. If you don’t see exactly what you need, contact us and let’s chat about what you’re looking for.



Whether you're looking for a trim or something completely new, our tools and techniques can get you there.

Clipper Cut ..... $35.00+

Scissor Cut ..... $55.00+

Curly Cut ..... $75.00+

*Prices are subject to change


A Touch of Variety

Everyone wants to feel like their best self. Here’s a few examples of various styles and looks we’ve helped create.


See What Our Clients Think


“I have natural hair and ever since Jessie has started doing my hair it is healthy and growing great! I love the braid designs she comes up with! She is awesome!”

Jacquetta G.

“This is truly the best salon experience I’ve ever had. Jessie does not only come to you with a wealth of knowledge and creativity but also gives you such a warm and welcome feeling that’s hard to come by in this fast paced world. She is great at what she does & she is honest with you about what you want versus if your hair, in it’s current condition, can handle it. The quality of work, the time she invests in you, and the atmosphere she creates for you, in my experience, has been unmatched. I highly recommend a visit here.”

Robin H.

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1610 E North St
Greenville, SC

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