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Hair & Makeup to

Set the tone
for your day

Creating confidence for brides, producers, models and everyday people with hair and makeup inspired by their dreams


Create the look. Build Confidence. No Limitations.

Whether you’re in need of

  • a calm and collected hair and makeup artist to set your team up for success at the beginning of the day,

  • a bride needing her bridal party to look amazing,

  • or someone looking to find a space to safely express who you are


Jessie’s chair is the place where that begins.


Every Look is Different,

Let's create a look that feels authentic and nails your voice. 

Every Look Matters

Be BOLD. BE subtle. BE NATURAL. Be You!

On-site Styling

Looking for an on-site hair and makeup artist for your film, photoshoot, or wedding? Glam by Jessie Hamby offers on-site services to help you create a real life version of the vision in your mind!

makeup artist


Work in Progress

Creating the perfect look begins when we start chatting. Let's get to know each other so we can enjoy working together. After all, we're going to have to get close...real close. 


The Calm in the Chaos

Knowing when to speak and when to stay quiet is a skill that takes time to master. Our daily lives often bring about situations where having someone on our team with that skill is paramount to our success. Sometimes we all need a little slice of calm in the chaos.

With 10+ years of experience in the beauty industry, Jessie is skilled at enhancing beauty, both inside and out. But even more important is her ability to be more than just a stylist while keeping the focus right where it should be: on your vision.

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See What Our Clients Think

"Jessie is really fantastic! She is thoughtful and attentive to detail. She is also really conscious about social identity which is big when it comes to hair and gender expression. Jessie is also lots of fun to talk to, which of course makes a big difference when getting a haircut!!"

- Jacob F. | Salon Client



Let's talk about your Vision

Whether you are trying a new look, wanting to start your special day off right or looking for a set of skilled hands to prep your cast, Jessie can help. 

It all starts with a chat to get to know you and your vision. Let's meet up or jump on a call and talk through what you're looking for. 


Overall, the goal is to help you create a real-life version of the vision in your mind. Let’s grab a coffee and talk about it!

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