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we are the virus

"Love is the strongest force the world possesses and yet it is the humblest imaginable." - Mahatma Gandhi

I'm honestly not sure where to start...I have so much to say, so much on my mind, and an extremely burdened heart. If anything, this virus has exposed so many flaws in our systems. It's allowed us to see just how privileged we actually are. It's exposed the good in humanity but also the dark side of humanity. It honestly should have served as a wake up call to many.

Privileged if you were able to have your basic needs met on a daily basis prior to Covid-19. Privileged if you were able to enjoy pleasurable wants prior to Covid-19. Privileged if you were able to enjoy your rights as an American citizen. Privileged if this virus hasn't personally affected someone in your family.

In tough times humans expose their underlying tendencies. Are you selfish and greedy? Hoarding supplies and only thinking about yourself, for example. Are you selfless and doing what you can for the good of others even during tough times? Fight or flight...

Many are yelling that their rights are being infringed upon. Many are advocating for the FREEDOM OF CHOICE while ironically many of those same people advocate against that same freedom for many others when that choice doesn't align with their beliefs. Many never took the warnings serious in the first place and some think everything is a conspiracy. Others fear for the safety of themselves and their family.

I can understand the frustration because there has been misguided information coming from all sources. There have also been promises of protection for people affected with lackluster action to those promises made. So how the hell are we supposed to act? to feel? What exactly do we do?

I'm torn. Personally, I've had no income coming in and no government assistance, but fortunately my wife has been able to work the whole time as she is deemed essential. We've done financially ok. We had no huge savings to pull from just in case which has been a major eye opener for us and will be something that we are working on in the future. Unfortunately, for so many other stylists and small businesses the loss of income has come as a devastation to their businesses and families.

I've seen the memes and comments floating around about "we're all in the same boat" and the counter meme to that "we're not all in the same boat, but we are in the same storm". I say we are all in this together. That message does not change... now more than ever we need to band together as humans and show kindness and support. That will look different for everyone.

In America, we have some of the richest individuals and we literally have people that live on the streets. We have children that do not know where their next meal will come from while other families throw away enough on a weekly basis to feed probably 2-3 extra mouths. We have people who are not safe in their own homes or even their own heads. We have corporations that run our countries based off of greed and not the good for society and the people. This virus has shown us just how fragile we are and the more we push from greedy intentions the less likely we will heal. People are the virus.

I hope this time has allowed you to take a moment to reflect and realize the truly important things in life. The things we should not take for granted. I hope this has given you a renewed sense of purpose and I hope that you work towards the good of humanity. Peace & Love

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