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Why is it that so many women in happy loving relationships are finding themselves jamming to the new hit Flowers dropped by Miley?

First off, the tune is catchy as hell if you like a pop music vibe. It has a feel good flair and it’s empowering AF.

For years women have been finding their power, self worth, self esteem, and independence free from the previous codependency of their male counterparts.(Before you get your knickers in a twist, I’m speaking in terms of history of women’s rights and it’s effects on how many still associate with their relationships and roles/expectations within them)

Self love has been on the rise over the past few years and this song embodies that. On the contrary, it could also be viewed as a bitter breakup song trying so hard to desperately prove a point of female strength and moving on. If that’s what you see, you’re right. If that’s not what you see, you’re also right. Afterall, not many have the ability to be objective in their analyses, even my argument is subjective. But I digress.

For me, the point of the song is “I don’t need you” and the reason so many NOT single women are questioning why the hell they love this song so much is that in the evaluation of their loving relationships they realize that they don’t NEED their partner for love but find power in CHOOSING to share that love, WANTING the reciprocated love that they give themselves.

“I can love me better than you can” is a powerful statement in the song. I have a few thoughts on this. You should absolutely love yourself better than anyone because that sets the bar of expectations for your partner or potential partner and for the love you will allow yourself to receive. There’s so much power in this but many people fall short in this area because to love ourselves we have to accept ALL of us and that's often messy and takes honesty. We must also assume responsibility of the work for improvement of self in order to be able to give and receive love properly. In short, it's not easy. Remember the statement above about being right however you view this song? It has a lot to do with experience, life’s filter, perspective, and where you’re currently at 🥴.

This song personally fills my body with an energetic strength. It reiterates that I am whole all on my own. It helps me feel the sensation of love for myself that I’ve worked so hard for while also valuing the amazing love that my partner gives me.

What does this song represent for you personally? What resonates within you?

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