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Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Today, something was said to me that really resonated and made me think but also made me extremely grateful:

------->"Support is a full time job"<--------

No matter what context you read this in, the message is still the same and rings so true.

Support comes in many forms and it's important to recognize, give credit, and also return that support or pay it forward. Be a listening ear and offer advice. If feasible, offer financial support. Check in with people. Shout out your peers. Just make a conscience effort to be there for people that need it.

Roughly 2yrs ago I met an individual through an amazing opportunity that I had in NYC. I've kept in touch and ever so often he makes sure to reach out to me with opportunities, to catch up, and to keep me in the know about some things he's doing to help out the hairstylist/barber/beauty industry and to get my feedback. I value this friendship, partnership, and overall support of someone who believes in me.

Honestly, I am a firm believer that others see things, potential, good vibes, etc in you before you do. They will invest their time and support in that for the greater good and to see you succeed. I say that because I am one of those people. In this crazy, beautiful industry we have so many people that are uber talented, but they don't know they're talented... or don't realize their own strengths. It takes visionaries and support from their believers to instill in them the true value of their worth and to build self confidence.

What kind of things do you support? Is it just for your own personal gain? Who do you support? And why? When you support others with the pure intention of helping them be successful I believe that your own successes will come effortlessly.

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