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Catty Intention

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Everything we do in life comes down to the intention in which we do it. If we consistently have good intention then we should carry a clear conscience that karma will be on our side.

The beauty industry has always been known for catty, petty, competitive drama. Day in and day out I see stylists not only bash each other, the work that is produced, but also the brands and that the people use. As stylists we decide and choose to offer what we think is best for us and our clients.

In life, I'm a live and let live kind of person but nothing bothers me more than to see people in MY industry bash one another and what others choose to use for their medium. We are artist's, each of us have preferences on what we think is best BUT never should we make another artist feel less than because they use something different than us. Instead of bashing something why can we not just say, "that's not what I choose to use" or "that didn't work for me"? I'm a part of multiple hair forums and see such negativity daily; it saddens me that such a beautiful industry can possess such ugliness.

Our job consists of making the people in our chair look and feel beautiful all the while some demean the actual stylists behind the chair. I've seen kickass stylists use color and products they bought from Sally's and you would have never known had they not told you. An artist can use any medium or canvas and turn it into a masterpiece. Instead of demeaning, bashing, and making others feel less than why can we not build them up, praise their work, or just keep our malicious opinions to ourselves?

If more people could learn to live and let live the world would be such a better place. You know that cliche "to each their own."

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