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Roe V. Wade

A difference in opinion is I’m an animal person vs I don’t do animals. It’s the friendly bickering of what is the superior color, pink or green. It’s the difference in liking cake vs pie. A difference in opinion is not relevant when it comes to human rights. If you advocate for policies that directly affect my family then that is not a personal opinion, that is an attack. I don’t quite understand how abortions and same sex marriage affect folx that aren’t having either of them yet they feel the need to restrict others based off their own moral principles.

How exactly is my family directly affected by the overturning of Roe vs Wade? (Also, even if I’m not directly affected it’s still ok for me stand up for someone else’s rights regardless of my own beliefs.) The overturning under the term “substantive due process” will undoubtedly call into question other rights that affect us protected under this same process: Same sex marriage interracial marriage

This ruling can also directly impact fertility practices, meaning if we choose to want another baby, we may no longer have that option. And adoption for same sex couples tends to be harder FYI. Also, if we were to want more kids and there were any complications during pregnancy it could mean prosecution, death, or hard decisions. I’ll add here too that if my wife were to carry, black maternal health is disproportionately affected and she would be more at risk, as a black woman she is 3-4 times more likely to experience a pregnancy related death in comparison to white counterparts. Consider yourself privileged if you can celebrate “saving the babies” without worrying about your other rights being taken.

While we’re also saving the babies, let’s not negate the multiple school shootings, the 400,000+ children in foster care, the estimated 12.5 million children facing food insecurity, the 683,000 kids documented for maltreatment. Since we’re saving the babies let’s make sure we’re doubling down on our efforts to ensure that housing, food, and basic needs are being met for the kids that are here. Let’s make it easier for ALL families to adopt and make it more affordable. Let’s come up with viable solutions to protect them from gun violence in “safe spaces” like schools, churches, supermarkets, etc. Lets recognize and proactively work on racial disparities in medical care. Let’s take mental health more seriously and get families the help they need to break generational curses and end violence and abuse.

I predict that suicide rates, child abuse cases, and number of kids in the foster care system will rise. Have you talked to your kids about safe sex practices? Do you know how to recognize signs of abuse? Have you donated to childrens homes or adopted/fostered? How do you plan on helping/making a difference? If abortion options are limited can we also eliminate the need for male spousal consent on tubes being tied? What about male birth control options outside of just condoms and/or vasectomies?

Clearly we have a lot of work to do and every states needs will be different, but here we are.

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