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Own a business they say

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Own a business they say, it'll be fun they say. Because I absolutely love what I do, most days are the bees knees, but to say the least there are also "growing pains".

Most people think of hairstylists and think they work a schedule cutting and coloring hair and then its time to go home, much like a typical 9-5 type job. While this may be the work structure for some it's often not the norm. For instance, a commission based stylist working in a salon that does great marketing and advertising could have this type of luxury; however, most often even for those stylists there's still a level of personal responsibility for building their clientele/business.

What people don't tell you about owning a business...or maybe they do and your dream is just bigger than the that your work is never done. It doesn't matter what industry you're in. For me, it means working a full day in the salon slaying hair behind the chair, making sure I document the process by taking pictures of my work for social media page content, keeping up with stories so that followers get relatable nuggets of my life and that my profile remains relevant so that my work gets seen. It means staying up on current trends, continuing my education to improve my skills, networking, and investment in classes, tools, products, and technology. It means having a hustler mentality and busting your ass for what feels like nothing because in the beginning for several years you will not profit. This translates into sacrifice mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and generally no days off.

The close of the year and beginning of the new year is always a time of reflection both personally and professionally. Professionally it's the time to look at your numbers for the year and see what your most successful moments were, what worked, areas of opportunity, and set goals for the new year based on how the previous year ended. This past year I diligently tried to be more intentional in all that I did.

When I set my goals in 2019 I wanted to try towards a better work life balance. What a friend pointed out to me was work/life balance will never mean equal time and I find this so true. Work Life Balance for me was the quality of time I had with my family because owning a business takes a lot of time. Even on the days that I finish in the salon I come home and spend hours on business media content, website, marketing, revamping current practices, research, reading books, budgeting... the list continues. Although I feel as if I exceeded that goal the past year there's still countless hours and sleepless nights pursuing a job that's never done!

Until I get to the point where I can employ the help and services of others to assist with the mundane business tasks I'll work tirelessly with a full heart of gratitude for the ability to even have a business to run!

For those looking to pursue business ownership: Never lose sight of your vision. Fearlessly pursue your goals. Budget for more than what you think you need. Prepare for long nights and early mornings. Don't be naive to think that everyone is "for you" but don't be so guarded that you miss the opportunity to find your tribe. Remain humble. Failure is not a destination, but a crucial part of the journey. Know that it will not be easy but it will damn sure be worth it!

Phot Cred: @berelentless_87

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