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Opinions are like assholes

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one!

Most people are on some form of social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, dating sites the list goes on and on. These channels have empowered people to have a voice they've never had, generally only on social media and not so much in real life. They feel comfortable saying things behind a screen or username, they feel disconnected while yet still being connected. It's allowed for people needing validation to find it, it's allowed for bullying in so many forms a way, and it's allowed for unsolicited OPINIONS to emerge like wildfire.

My page, my opinion, don't like it unfriend... we've become a culture of "I'm Right". We've become a society of meme sharing and no fact checking and close minded to matters that we literally have ZERO knowledge about. How can you form an opinion on a subject you actually know so little about? Perception places a huge part here. People bring their own biases to a subject and only connect to certain parts, that's how 2 people can read the exact same thing and both get something totally different from it. I watched a video the other day about an explanation on the government issued stimulus checks and shared it, I immediately felt a tinge of regret for not investigating the explanation further. After further research I realized that the video explanation was indeed false and I removed my post. Point is, so much false information gets shared, especially through memes. This false information aids in the opinions running rampant.

These online opinions are giving people the entitlement of trying to police over what others are doing. It's exhausting to watch the arguments in comment sections, to see the constant sharing of opinionated blunder, to see the shaming of what others choose to do with their lives when it literally has no influence or merit in the lives of those doing the shaming. What happened to live and let live? I'm tired of the constant political back and forth, I'm tired of seeing my industry people tear each other down, I'm just tired. I wish a large portion of my business did not require social media presence as I would much rather disconnect there and connect only IN REAL LIFE! Real life is much more interesting, engaging, stimulating, and enjoyable!

It's ok to have opinions, it's ok to be passionate about things. It's not ok to force those beliefs on others. It's not ok to shame others for having a difference in belief. It's not ok to share things you have ZERO knowledge about. Take time to learn more and question everything you come in contact with instead of just accepting the face value of what you're being served. The more you know!!!

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