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More than hair

Beauty is the service I provide and, to me, is a true form of art. Art is used to transform, communicate, explore and to excite emotion in people. In my work, art form and service combined provide much more than superficial vanity. When people feel like they look good, it transforms the overall mood and confidence which influences other areas of their life.

Providing in salon beauty services and special event services pays my bills. Charitable events, causes, and giving back to the community through acts of beauty service pays my spirit. All services allows me to use my talent to transform lives though beauty. I like to think my art transcends all barriers and creates a safe inclusive space allowing for freedom, expression, and self love.

Year after year I devote so much time to charitable services, many in which do not get talked about publicly due to the nature of the service, Client protection, and privacy. Charity, in my opinion, should be done out of goodness and not for exploitation or accolades.

With each passing year I try to recruit to my roster list other beauty professionals with the same values, mindset, and life’s mission. If the above description resonated within you while you read it drop a heart in the comments. I have several events coming up this year all over the US and could always use amazing people that truly believe that we can change the world through beauty and most importantly love. 💕

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