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Just show up

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

"People romanticize their plans but dread the execution. The magic you're looking for is in the work you're avoiding"

One of my absolute favorite phrases. How many people set forth plans, write down lists, and probably only complete half if you're lucky? Did your throat just drop to your stomach? Sadly, That's the reality for most and I really wish I had a statistic to throw in here but honestly, it's irrelevant. We all know we fall short with the execution from time to time. Some don't even plan to have an execution phase but rather want things to magically fall in their lap. Guys, THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS!

DO THE WORK! Plan it out and execute the hell out of it. You see when you plan it and execute it it makes the end result even more worth it and appreciated, but what you're going to learn in the process is going to much more valuable. It's also going to help form better habits and less procrastination. It's literally rewiring your brain! Once you have those small achievements you're ready for more. You're ready to do more work to continue crushing goals.

But seriously, what does it look like to do the work? It looks like sacrifice. It looks like late nights, early mornings. It looks like no concept of work life balance. It looks like investments that you can't afford but have to. Its understanding that sometimes opportunities are paid in more than money. It looks like people doubting you. It looks like failure, but getting back up one more time EVERYTIME and trying again. It looks like literal blood, sweat, and tears. This, this is why most people give up before they ever start. Because this path is hard. It takes hella perseverance.

Some times you have life cheerleaders who lead you on, support you, and genuinely want to see you succeed. Other times you have success suckers, people that want to see you fail, that want a piece of your pie, or even plot against you. Understand that it's important to understand the difference by not being naive but also learning to not be defensive and secretive. Ultimately, the way others respond to you is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is to your mission and when your actions and your plans are in good intention then what is for you will be for you.

Understand that failure is also an inevitable part of growth but does not define your future. Make the plans and execute them anyway. Progress over perfection. In order to succeed one must simply just show up and do the work... emotionally, mentally, physically every single day!

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