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Growing up

There's nothing you can do to stop the aging process or the death of your earthly vessel, we all know that growing older is inevitable. When you're younger, getting older is almost unfathomable. It feels like you have all the time in the world. For me, I'm not concerned about the number of my age, the grey hairs on my head or even death as I know those things are out of my control. What does concern me is, saying good bye to own parents out of a selfish desire to always have their love, knowledge, and wisdom. What does concern me is, making sure I leave a legacy behind that can empower my kids through life without me.

As we're discovering life we often take things for granted, not understanding their importance or the valuable lessons that are being learned. When I was younger I definitely think I took my parents for granted. I was raised an only child and while we weren't poor, we had the essentials and some other non necessities, but we weren't rich by any standards. My parents weren't college educated but were both extremely hard workers. It's honestly been recently as I'm watching my own kids grow and mature daily that I'm reflecting on the many life lessons and things that my parents have taught me.

Both of my parents have always manually worked with their hands, building and creating. There was never a project that they wouldn't attempt to do on their own. Through those skills I learned at home crafting, thrifting, upcycling, home repairs, basic car work, yard work, building and using a variety of power tools and more than brain can comprehend at the moment. It's safe to say I'm very well rounded. Once you get out in the real world you truly begin to appreciate being able to take care of such things on your own without having to pay someone else to do it.

As I see my parents getting older I'm realizing more and more that the time I have with them and the capabilities that they have are starting to become more limited. While it's sad, it also allows me to truly reflect on the wonderful times, memories, and skills they've shared with me. It's given me a deeper perspective for the time that I get to still cherish with them. It gives me a sense of need to help them out while I can, not only for the time we will have together but for the lessons they're still teaching me.

I'm truly thankful for the love they have both shared for me throughout my life. Although I'm very different from both of them, I truly I hope I can do them justice in the lessons and legacy that I am able to provide for my own children.

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