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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

"A goal without a plan is just a dream" -Dave Ramsey

2022- Self in Focus

December 22nd kick started my 2wk vacation. This was sort of a forced, yet much needed vacation. Forced because my wife had surgery on December 21st and would be needing 2wks of post care. Initial thought "yay" get this surgery over with so we don't carry that same energy into 2022 and fix the ailing problem of chronic pain in her shoulder that has been a battle for almost 7yrs. Second thought, "oh shit" that means no pay for me for 2wks, DURING the holiday. *Insert slight panic here*. Gratefully, I've been working hard over the past few years on my mental thoughts and kicked that second one aside with "it's all going to be fine and work out exactly the way it's supposed to ".

2020 came in and disrupted everyone's lives in some way. It caused much introspection and planted seeds of growth. 2021 was the germination of those seeds. And well 2022, I predict this is where we flourish.

I've always worked a lot, even before I was in business for myself, but now its almost like working hard on steroids. It's difficult to be a one woman show, but the show must go on. In 2021 I wanted to take the time with friends and family and just overall try not to burn out. Easier said than done at times... there were months I was exhausted and had minimal days off. There were times I had to sacrifice an outing with friends and family to service clients. So this forced vacation came right on time.

Over the past few weeks, I've worked in a completely different way. I've been a caregiver, a housewife, a stay at home mom, and more. It's been refreshing. My house has never been cleaner, I've never cooked this much, I've read multiple books, took down holiday decor, and prepared my mind for the New Year. Last year I set out to spend more time with family and friends and have fun. My connection with my wife has never been stronger, the joy in my kids is palpable, and the inner peace that I have is refreshing.

This year, I have my goals categorized into 4. Self, Family, Business, & Finance. Under each contains a subset of more defined goals. Self is taking a front seat this year. While last year did include self care (my idea of self care is doing things that are more fulfilling to me, things that bring me joy) I also realize that self care must include physically taking care of ones self... making healthier lifestyle choices with food and exercise as well as preventative maintenance (why is it so hard for me to doctors visits *face palm*). It's been about 13yrs since I've actually gone to the doctor. Ugh, I know it's time. My intuition is telling me that I won't get the things I seek if I don't take care of self, so here we are. I'm thankful that I haven't had a dire NEED to be seen BUT I also realize it's past time so with that said, this year will be about restoring health to both my mind and body.

A new year is not going to magically provide you a new you but small obtainable goals mixed with persistence will keep you focused enough to make the necessary changes you need to succeed. Live life one day at a time doing the best you possibly can. Open your heart and mind and have the year of your choosing!

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