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Empty Hamper

My clothes basket is actually empty for the first time in over a year!

⬇️Confession ⬇️

Ok, so many if not everyone talks about how much they HATE housework. But I can promise you I probably hate housework the most of anyone! Impossible?

Creatives tend to feel stifled by mundane tasks and often find themselves in an “organized chaos”. I’m no different. Housework is a task I would rather not do, after all, it literally takes 1 person walking through a room you’ve just finished for all your hard work to go to shit! You know what I’m talking about right!? I can’t be the only one.

A short list of abhorrent household tasks:

•Making the bed •Cooking just to wash dishes •Folding/Putting up clothes •Sweeping hardwood floors •Cleaning baseboards

Why do I hate it so much? Because it’s literally NEVER ENDING! This maddens me. I like creating, and one reason I do is because it makes me feel productive. I complete a project and I feel great and I’m ready for the next. I think it important to note here that I hate to repeat myself or have to do something over that’s already been completed. Housework falls into that category in my brain as a necessary evil and the disdain that I have is significant.

Housework tends to be a joint effort from everyone in the house ever since the boys have gotten bigger except clothes. Everyone is responsible for their own. I have enough clothes that I can, and do, go months without washing. I’ve been known to leave seasonal items in the basket until next season just to avoid washing and putting them up. Lazy is how some would describe it, but I say it’s a matter of perspective... I like to call it my creative freedom. 🙃

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