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Hair Church

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Some days and some people just do something good for your soul. In an industry that has been predominately categorized as being catty and competitive it is important to not allow yourself to fall victim of either trait.

When I came into the industry I remember saying, it doesn't have to be that way... there's so much to learn from one another. Where one person's strengths might be another could be weak and vice versa. Why not share your knowledge to build one another up instead of tearing each other down? There's no way for one person to service EVERYONE... it's silly to even attempt to.

I am thankful to see the shift in the industry to celebrate the artists, their talents, but most importantly the comrarderie and friendship. It's imperative, in life, to find people that build your spirit and the beauty industry is full of passion and compassion... our jobs require us to make others look and feel beautiful. When that passion and energy is met with others in our field we become an unstoppable force!

Today I worked with one of my coworkers that I haven't seen in several months. Long story short we both work multiple places and our schedules have not aligned. It was truly in the stars for us to be together today in particular as we are both facing the same struggles. When we link up, the hair church is real and we truly feed off one another's energy... all things HAIR! It soothes my soul and reignites my passion!

In this crazy, beautiful industry it's amazing to find YOUR tribe of individuals that know just how to lift your spirits, the right words to say when everything seems to be going wrong, encouragement in all that you do, and ones that inspire the hell out of you. I'm beyond thankful for my tribe both near and far. Find you tribe, love them hard, inspire each other but don't forget there are others who have lost their way or simply don't know the way.... help guide them too and watch your blessings multiply!

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