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As I was driving around today noticing the obvious changes of the season my heart smiled and a warmth came through my body. For so many, the fall and winter months mark a time of seasonal depression. For me, it is the rejuvenation period that I so longingly need. The colors of the season excite me and fill me with a sense of comfort. Gabby helped me appreciate the beautiful foliage today on our commute. Orange is a happy color associated with optimism and energy. Yellow is an energetic color and is associated with the feelings of happiness, hope and spontaneity. What feelings do you associate with fall & winter? And why?

As humans in nature we are not just experiencing the seasons outside of us, we are experiencing them internally as well. In nature, fall represents a time of preservation of life and all its necessities. The ever-changing mood of the season brings about a certain mystery while teaching us the idea of letting go, a need for balance, and a hope for a beautiful rejuvenated return in the spring. Homes become a place of comfort during this time as we preserve our safe haven and a reconnection to oneself imminently arises. Fall is the prep to our winter season. The primordial beings we are have evolved but our bodies and moods associated with the seasons and workings of nature are still very much related.

Winter is when many animals hibernate to preserve energy and nature is sleeping, relaxing, and preparing for the next season. It helps teach us preparedness, patience, and hope as life quietly unfolds in the darkness. Winter requires resilience and is a great time for rest. Through the shortened daylight times and the cold weather we find time for self awareness and reflection. The changes, realizations, and energy preservation that is happening within us is preparing us for the next season.

2022 is dwindling down and while this Fall season for me is definitely a time for shedding, I canโ€™t wait for winter to hibernate and preserve my energy as my self reflection has already begun. The new year brings a sense of new beginning, a reset that my family needs, but I feel like the shift into Spring is what my soul will need most.

I guess what Iโ€™m trying to say is, embrace the seasons of your life and the ebb and flow that ensues because just like the seasons change so do you.

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