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ρℓαу тнє gαмє: ℓιfє

(I wrote this out over the span of a few days and then I finished it up this morning and stumbled across this meme, interesting how the universe works)

“You have been assigned this mountain so you can show others it can be moved.”

My life by most metrics hasn’t necessarily been hard, but life, although at times it doesn’t feel this way, isn’t a pissing contest in terms of metrics and who has it best or worst. Perception is reality. Everyone literally comes into this world, gets the hand they are dealt and has to play the game. Some are great strategists, some got the best hand dealt, others have a damn good poker face, while others folded as soon as they picked up the cards.

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering”

I believe life is about the journey and the lessons along the way. What’s perspectively hard to some is a cake walk for others but the hard moments for each of us builds our character and teaches us lessons. I also believe those hardships and lessons we learn are meant to help those around us. Often we face many similar battles as folx around us and how we help others navigate those battles can help perpetuate humanity forward. We’re all doing the best we can to stay in the game right!?

For me, life has felt like a time continuum lately. A complete disassociation with time and age. An emotionless void of lapsed time that I can’t quite grasp. A feeling that time has meant nothing yet has encompassed everything meaningful simultaneously. I battle with finding balance between family, business, self, and others and the time continuum presses on.

At this stage of life the game is just starting to apply pressure, although winning isn’t the objective nor an outcome you feel the pressure of trying to juggle the cards you have and play them to the best of your ability. I think life has the weird way of applying pressure making you contemplate whether to fold your cards or keep playing right before you draw the very card you needed. Keep playing!

This year has had its fair share of challenges which has further complicated the time continuum, autopilot and imposter syndrome I’ve been experiencing. I’ve questioned my own life’s meaning and purpose and how I’m carrying that out, the influence I make on others and if my impact on the world is big enough. With new tragedies and battles being fought everyday globally it’s hard to not question your impact or feel guilt when you just emotionally have tapped out.

Disassociating from all feeling to keep your own inner peace, while also being in an industry that requires you to show up, perform, and hold space for others while running a whole business can be emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually exhausting.

“Love is the ultimate and the highest goal for which man can aspire.

The salvation of man is through love and in love.” -Viktor Frankel

So many are searching for answers, trying to understand life and all that’s happening around us, wanting to devise solutions, others are just merely trying to stay in the game. Ultimately, when we work on ourselves, healing our wounds, and learn to act out of love we will find a peace regardless of any uncertainty. For some that looks like faith, others a spiritual grounding. The solution isn’t the same for everyone and our paths are our own to forge, but the wild card that we all hold is love.

Feel, forgive, release, with love 💕

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