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Meet Jessie

"A professional skilled at enhancing the beauty that exists both inside and out."

Jessie believes that true beauty lies within and her passion is to help bring that out with each and every one of her guests. Jessie offers a variety of services that allows her to bring the inner beauty of her guests to life thus empowering them and serving their overall well being.

Jessie Hamby

Dedicated to diversity and inclusion, Jessie strives to create a safe, judgement free space so that ALL guests feel welcome and at home. Beauty is not a job, it is her calling! 

Aside from her in salon guests, her work has been featured in print publications, NY & LA Fashion Weeks, short films, performed by Kate Pierson of the B52's, modeled by social media moguls at Coachella and hosted by Celebrity Chef Joanne Johnson for her local TV series "Good Mood Good Food". 

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