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Happy guests is the ultimate goal!

I love meeting people who aren't just be


Jacob Frankovich, Client

Jessie is really fantastic! She is thoughtful and attentive to detail. She is also really conscious about social identity which is big when it comes to hair and gender expression. Jessie is also lots of fun to talk to, which of course makes a big difference when getting a haircut!!

Ariel Perry, Photographer

Jessie is by far the most talented hairstylist I've had the pleasure of using and working with. She goes ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure your entire look is perfection. Whenever someone says they need a hairstylist Jessie is the one that comes to mind. I PROMISE you won't be disappointed!! I absolutely loveeee Jessie!!!

Jacquetta Golden, Client

I have natural hair and ever since Jessie has started doing my hair it is healthy and growing great! I love the braid designs she comes up with! She is awesome!

Gianna Lutz

I am a writer, executive producer, and actress. Having produced  2 films and having Jessie as the lead for the hair department is never something I have to think twice about. She researches and executes with exact precision every time. She's punctual and professional and just overall comforting to be around.  Saying I highly recommend her is an understatement. If you need a hairstylist for any occasion, Jessie  should always be your first call!

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